How to Have Manners at a Restaurant

How to Have Manners at a Restaurant

Ever been sitting in a restaurant and have someone embarrass you because they didn’t have good manners? It’s uncomfortable, frustrating, and very embarrassing. The truth is that no-one has perfect table manners because the old adages have been lost, but that’s no excuse for basic manners. You don’t have to know everything and just a few basic manners will go a long way at a restaurant. You don’t want to embarrass your family or yourself. So, how to improve your manners while dining out at a restaurant?

Keep Your Tone Non-Confrontational and At A Moderate Level

You’ve been seated at a table and placed your order. You wait patiently for your meal to arrive and start eating shortly; then, suddenly, your peaceful dinner is interrupted by someone talking loudly three tables away. It’s annoying because you’re not a part of the conversation and you don’t know those people either, yet, you’ve heard every detail being said. All you want to do is get up and tell them to shut up. Now think about how you talk.

While you mightn’t mean to, your voice level is higher than it should be. It’ll interrupt the peacefulness of other diners and its bad manners to do so. It might be time to take your voice down a notch. That also goes for your tone. When you’re at a restaurant, be thoughtful of others and watch how you speak and how loudly you do so.

How to Have Manners at a Restaurant

Ditch the Smartphone While Eating

Unless you’re waiting for a life-or-death call, your phone doesn’t need to be sitting on the table during a meal. It’s pretty rude to have a phone out during dinner because it usually signals you’re going to be using it throughout the meal. Also, you should never take a call during dinner unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you can, keep your phone in your pocket or your handbag while you’re in the restaurant; and don’t forget to turn it down. Click here to find more.

No Slouching or Elbows

You want to have a nice dinner and enjoy your time out, but sitting slouched with your elbows on the table isn’t good. If you want to show good manners, sit up straight, and keep your elbows off the table. It looks as though you can’t be bothered and have zero table manners. Instead, sit up straight while eating and ensure you don’t slouch. It is bad manners to slouch at a table.

A Few Manners Goes a Long Way

While you don’t always think about formal dining, some of the techniques used there can be important. The above points are a few good manners to learn and will come in use while dining out. You don’t have to embarrass any fellow diner (or yourself) by having bad manners. You don’t have to be perfect and there will be some etiquette rules you break but you don’t have to show yourself up. There are lots of little manners to use at a restaurant and they’ll make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

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